We grow our microgreens under the sun in our greenhouse here in Skagit Valley, Washington.

We use a specially mixed organic soil and only use organic/non gmo seed from companies with great reputations and high standards. We are passionate about healthy living and proudly use no chemical fertilizers or pesticides anywhere on our farm.

When we first started doing this for farmers markets we would stay up until all hours of the night harvesting and packaging our greens.
This is how we came up with our name The Midnight Farmer.


Now we bring our flats of microgreens straight from the greenhouse to the farmers markets harvesting them fresh as customers order them. This allows people to make their own custom mixes and get their microgreens as fresh as possible! We also offer weekly delivery every Thursday of our 10 inch by 20 inch flats of LIVE microgreens.

Come visit us at the market or give us a call or email anytime.